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NEW Audiovox Dual DVD Custom Headrest Package

2 factory-matched replacement headrests that are
pre-loaded with 7" monitors & DVD players
Now available for over 1700 different vehicle applications!

Choose your vehicle and interior type/color from the drop-down
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Headrest shown is for Dodge Ram.
For additional pictures, please visit our photo

Here is the ultimate in a custom headrest solution for your vehicle. These modular headrests with built in monitors actually replace the original headrests in your vehicle. And there is a DVD player already built-in EACH headrest monitor!

Now, you can watch a different movie on each screen! Or, you can watch the same movie on both screens! You can also watch a movie on the passenger's side monitor and play a video game on the driver's side monitor with the optional game controllers and built-in games! Better yet, you can hook up your own video game system (like a PS3 or XBOX) using the system's A/V inputs (all you need is an AC outlet in the vehicle or a power inverter). The possibilities are endless!
NEW - now you can even plug in your favorite tablet or smart phone with our optional HDMI input when you upgrade to 8-inch monitors! See below for more details.

The system includes two wireless headphones, one for each passenger. These 2-channel headphones allow each user to listen to what they are watching. Another option is to listen to the audio through the car stereo via the included built-in all-band wireless FM modulator!

There is no damage to the original headrests - you simply remove them to install your headrest video package. The custom headrests have been designed specifically to fit and match the color, material, grain pattern, stitching (if applicable) and piping (if applicable) of your vehicle interior. There is no problem when you return your leased vehicle, just remove the custom DVD video headrests and replace them with the factory originals. And then, for your next vehicle, you do not need to purchase a whole new system - you can just get a new set of headrests and the electronics portion of the system can be moved over to the new headrests! Please note that these headrests do not ratchet/tilt.

Installation is quick and easy. Wiring is minimal with the 2-wire installation - power and ground are the only connections made to your vehicle. The balance of the connections are made within the system components (junction box and cables - similar to home A/V connections). We still do recommend having it installed professionally, though, especially if you are inexperienced at working on cars!



Choose your vehicle and interior type/color from the
drop-down menu below to see price and add to cart.

HR7012PKG Dual DVD Headrest Package Includes:
• Two (2) Factory-Matched Headrests With Built-in Monitors
• Two (2) LED-Backlit Monitors, Each With Its Own Built-In DVD Player
• Two (2) Dual Channel Fold-Flat Wireless Headphones (so each viewer
can listen to their own audio)
Batteries Included
• Two Wireless Remote Controls
• Junction Box with Built-In Wireless FM Modulator


• Hi-Definition Digital Color TFT-LCD Monitors

• LED Backlit Monitors

• Passengers can watch individual movies on each
screen or the same movie on both screens!

• Wiring is contained within
headrest posts

• Playback of most DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs

 • Auxiliary A/V Inputs
(RCA composite inputs in each monitor as well as the junction box)
HDMI input option now available with 7" monitor package and
included with 8" monitor upgradel!

 • Independent composite A/V switching

 • Adjustable monitor viewing angle

 • USB Port for Storage Devices for photo and music playback. Includes charging capability!

 • A/V Output
(one of the great things this will allow is for you to plug into your vehicle's AUX input for a direct audio connection - call for details how!)

 • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

 •Graphic On Screen Display (OSD)

 • Wired 3.5mm Headphone Jack In Each Monitor That Can Be Used With Any Standard Stereo Headphones
Not available with 8" monitor upgrade

 • Two Wire Power and Ground Connection for
quick Installation

 • Available Plug-In Game Module
(See below)

 • WVGA Resolution: 800 x 480

• 100-Channel Wireless FM Modulator (allows you to listen
through your factory or aftermarket stereo system)


 Optional Game Pack

 The optional game pack is a plug-in module that connects directly to the junction box. It includes two wireless controllers. There are 54 built-in 32-bit games. Six of the games are two-player games. For a full listing of games, please click HERE



Optional HDMI Interface Box

You can upgrade your wiring junction box to offer HDMI connectivity. This upgrade includes a 6-foot cable with HDMI input USB charging capability. This option is now included with the 8-inch monitor upgrade (the 8-inch system with Android OS will have HDMI inputs on each of the monitors instead). Just select and add to cart below if desired with a 7-inch package.


Chevrolet Equinox headrest pictured.
View other pictures in our

Audiovox Dual DVD Headrest Package Documentation:
Owner's Guide
Installation Manual

Warranty Information:
Although rare, sometimes electronics do stop working. As such, this system is designed in a way so that replacement of the monitors is easy. In the event that you have a problem, you will not need to remove the entire headrest or uninstall the system. We will provide instructions for removal of the affected component.

 You can view the Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty
here. We offer an extended warranty as well. For only $49.99 you can extend your Manufacturer's warranty on the electronics to 3 years and accessories to 1 year (add to cart below). Please note that this extended warranty must be purchased at the same time as your system.

As a service to our customers, we handle the entire warranty claim process for you. You will not have to deal with the manufacturer. Simply contact us if you have a problem and we'll handle it from there! This applies whether or not you select the extended warranty.


 COMPARE AT: $1699.99
Choose your vehicle and interior type/color from the
following drop-down menu to
add to cart and see current price.


UPS Ground Shipping to anywhere in Continental U.S.: $19.95
UPS Standard Shipping to Canada: USD$49.95

Your custom-built headrest package will usually be shipped within 2-3 business days!

Looking for other accessories or replacement parts for your current or previous generation system? Click here

Upgrade to Dual 8" Monitors
In addition to a size upgrade, this package will include the upgraded HD Junction Box with hideaway HDMI input. Click above link for details.

   $196.99 BOTH MONITORS!


Upgraded HD Junction Box
Includes a 6-foot cable with HDMI input and USB charging capability
(now included with 8-inch package upgrade).



Extended Warranty2
(extends your Manufacturer's Warranty on electronics to 3 years)



Additional 2-Channel Wireless Fold-Flat Headphones

  $53.99 EACH


Plug-In Game Module
with 54 built-in 32-bit games

(includes 2 wireless game controllers)




 These are custom-made to exactly match and fit over your HR7012 DVD headrests!
Please allow 3-5 days before shipping.
Please note that the covers are only available when purchasing a DVD headrest package and are not
currently availale for packages with 8-inch monitors.

(2) Security Covers for Standard Interiors
(any headrest package priced up to $1350.00)

$129.99 SET (STANDARD)


(2) Security Covers for Premium Interiors
(any headrest package priced $1350.01 or higher)

  $229.99 SET (PREMIUM)



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1The purchaser is responsible for the imposed duties, taxes and/or fees associated with importing this product.
2 Must be purchased at time of headrest package purchase and is not available separately. Extended warranty increases warranty length on monitors to 3 years and all other components to 90 days.
3 Must be purchased at time of headrest package purchase and is not available separately.

Please note that as of November 1, 2019 PayPal will no longer refund merchant service charges related to order cancellations. As such any order cancellation requests that can be granted will be refundable less the merchant service charge of approximately 3%.

Please note that due to current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards the headrests will remain in a stationary position and cannot be tilted.

Item purchase is subject to territorial restrictions. We do not ship outside of Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico.

All sales of this custom made-to-order product are final. Once confirmed, orders cannot be cancelled.

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