Installing Your Dual DVD
Headrest Package

Although this is a relatively simple installation, we understand that a number of our customers are not do-it-yourselfers. InstallerNet, Inc. is a technology and service company based in Haverhill, MA that specializes in installing and coordinating consumer electronics products through the nation's largest network of independently owned mobile electronics installers.

The InstallCard is similar to a gift card - allowing consumers to prepay for fixed scope of installation work at the time they purchase an installable product. After purchasing an InstallCard, customers activate it online (you can use the link to the right) or by phone where they can pick an installer and request an appointment date. InstallerNet backs the appointment with professional customer service, and the best warranties in the business.

How it Works

enter your zip code to see if there's an InstallerNet installer in your area. If you don't see an installer listed, you may wish to call InstallerNet at the number listed below the zip code field. New installers are added to the network frequently, so there may be options available for you that aren't yet listed online.

Then, just add this card to your online shopping cart, and proceed through checkout as usual. When you receive the card from us, visit, enter the unique InstallCard number on the back of the card, and schedule your installation with the local shop.

When you arrive for your appointment at your local stereo shop, just hand over the InstallCard, along with the gear you've purchased your installation begins.

You can feel confident about the quality of work since every installer on the InstallerNet Network has at least two years' experience and is MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) certified. InstallerNet feels so strongly about the expertise of their installers that they will warranty the labor of your installation for the life of your vehicle.

InstallCard services are currently available in all 50 states. Installation labor is warranted for the life of your vehicle

Important Note: Install Cards are not eligible for refunds once they are activated. If equipment is determined to be defective during the process of the installation or immediately after, the installer will remove and reinstall the equipment at no charge. If equipment is determined to be defective within a period of no longer than one year and within the manufacturer's warranty, Installer Net will cover 50% of the charge to remove and reinstall replacement equipment. If the customer chooses to remove non-defective equipment (swapping for a different brand, for example), Installer Net will charge for a completely new installation.

Please note that this product is only available for purchase from in conjunction with a headrest video package.


Dual DVD Headrest Installation
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  $199.99 EACH


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