8-inch Monitor Upgrade

By selecting this option you will upgrade from 7-inch monitors to 8-inch monitors, each with a a certified HDMI/MHL input in place of a traditional RCA input.

An HDMI input provides a very easy way to be able to play your digital files from your favorite portable devices. We do not include any cables so you will need additional parts to make this work. For example, aside from an HDMI cable, if you have an Apple product with lightning connector, you will need the Apple Lightning Digital Adapter (part # MD826ZM/A) to be able to broadcast your files on your headrest monitor.

Just be sure to double-check compatibility with the device manufacturer to make sure you get the right accessory to broadcast HDMI out from your tablet, smart phone or other device.

Please note that this upgrade is only available for purchase from headrestvideo.com in conjunction with a DVD headrest video package.

Also, please be aware the size/shape of the headrest will be different from most pictured in our gallery in order to accommodate the larger monitors.


Upgrade to 8" Monitors (HR7014)
In addition to a size upgrade, these monitors will each include HDMI inputs instead of RCA composite inputs .

   $183.99 BOTH MONITORS!


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